I employ the direct carving method using primarily the
stone sculptor’s tools of hammer and chisel. Stone carving
is my visual language with which I communicate my
thoughts and feelings of the world about me.
My focus is on the abstraction of organic form both from
human sources and forms in nature. A reclining figure,
cloud formations, shadows of the forest, a mother with
child, shapes of the land, ……..through all of this I abstract
that which is critical to tell it’s story….. told through the
beauty of stone …. itself born of nature. Most of the time I
do not pre–sketch or use a model. I let my feelings and the
natural forms in each stone lead me on the journey to a
finished work of art. It is my JOY to travel this journey. It is
my hope to communicate this JOY to you my audience.
Enjoy !
The carving of stone is a very slow craft. One
needs to sustain the basic concept of a work
over many weeks to it’s completion…….and yet,
during that journey, as each fresh mark of the
chisel shows itself…..a new  and exciting
change in that journey may come to be…. to
better tell the story of the work.
Marty Silverman   -   Jackson NJ
Welcome to Our Online Gallery
The Fountain and Sculpture Garden
Art has been a part of me for as long as I can
remember. My grandfather was a well known
sculptor working in decorative and ornamental
design during the early 1900’s in New York City. I
find it fascinating to reflect, even now as I sit on my
high stool working at my craft……the memory of my
grandfather at work in his studio…..with a 7 year old
me perched high on the very same kind of stool
playing at a small piece of clay or wax he gave me.
My mother drew and painted quite well throughout
her life for the peace and enjoyment it gave her.
Marty Silverman
My love of art and people led me to the
pure joy of teaching fine arts in the public
school system for 34 years.  The beauty of
being a part of the discovery of art in the
hearts and minds of my students made my
retirement a difficult choice, but a new and
exciting career in my own personal art
softened the pain of leaving teaching.  It
was time for new discovery within me.  
I have exhibited my work in juried fine arts and craft
shows throughout most of the mid-Atlantic states from
Connecticut to Washington, DC.  I believe in this venue
for the display and sale of my work because of the
personal relationship it promotes.  My sculpting
demonstrations at all of the shows that I participate in
gives those in attendance insight into my craft and the
opportunity to connect a work of art directly to the
person who creates it.  We have sadly become a nation
of shoppers who frequent massive impersonal stores
and online purchases.  The juried fine arts and fine craft
shows may be one of the last venues for that very
personal connection of an artist to his craft for a
knowledgeable and appreciative audience.
My sculpting is divided into a few different
areas.  The main body of work is from alabaster
stone imported from all around the world as well
as here in the United States.  The beauty of this
metamorphic rock in its unbelievable palate of
color and form is truly exciting to work with.  I
sculpt also in lava, an igneous stone mostly
from our western states.  It’s ease of carving
plus the lack of a need for a polishing process
makes this stone sculpture an attractive and
affordable alternative to the lengthy carving and
finishing of alabaster.  My fountains are now
almost exclusively from Rhyolite-Farrago, a
beautiful stone from Colorado.  The full range of
colors in this rock can be readily seen on my
portfolio page.  I try to maintain a supply of
bowls in which each fountain sits from the many
potters I have come to know over the years,
making this purchase completely hand-crafted
and one of a kind.  Finally, I produce larger
sculptural pieces of garden art.  These
sculptural forms are suitable for landscape
garden settings, both residential and
commercial.  I can provide landscape design
plans and renderings (including plantings) for
these garden settings and, of course, will
arrange for and supervise their installation.